Parenting Plans in Montana

Parenting Plans in Montana

Having a child doesn’t necessarily mean two people will agree on everything, but even people with acrimonious relationships tend to agree on one thing, and that is that the child or children’s welfare is the top priority between them. While this doesn’t necessarily mean the process will be easy or that it will work just because you both love your kid, it does point to the value of having a parenting plan in place to ensure the consistency in your child’s life is maintained and expectations are outlined.

Making a Plan

Parenting plans cover a wide range of issues that might come up when raising a child. These issues may include: 

  • Frequent and continuing contact with the child
  • Child support
  • Decision-making for education, spiritual development, medical care
  • Restrictions or limitations to contact
  • Exchanging children for visits and what those interactions look like
  • Setting up a residential schedule
  • And more

Defining all these areas helps set expectations for both parents, and it also provides a means of consequences if one of the parents violates the plan. 

Using the Plan

Once a plan is set up, parents have a way to handle resolving disputes between them.

Parenting plans are about creating the best life for your children while respecting your rights and needs. Our experienced family law attorneys at Terrazas Henkel, P.C. can help you create a plan that takes your life into account and ensures the care and development your children need. Give us a call to set up an appointment today!