Emancipation Laws in Montana

Emancipation Montana

Emancipation laws allow children to gain the legal rights they would usually get after turning 18. In becoming a legal adult before age 18, emancipated minors – who must be at least 16 years old – are free to act independently.

Emancipation and Rights

When a minor is emancipated, they can make decisions for themselves that a parent, grandparent, or another legal guardian may have previously been making for them. These decisions include:

  • Medical care
  • Applying for a license to operate equipment or perform a service
  • Keeping all of one’s earnings
  • Incurring debt and signing contracts
  • Where the minor lives

Other Considerations

Taking on emancipated status doesn’t mean the minor is legally allowed to vote or drink alcohol. Voting still takes place at age 18, and the drinking age is still 21. Also, emancipation doesn’t mean the minor is allowed to stop school – they must continue their schooling or work toward their GED.

To be emancipated in Montana, the minor must also want to and be able to live on their own and check-in with the court system regularly.

Working Together

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