Without a Will in Montana

Without a Will in Montana

Writing a will is about more than just deciding who gets what. It’s about cementing a legacy and about making things simpler for the people you care about after you’re gone. 

Leaving a will allows you to make the big decisions about your estate and your final wishes for them. And dying without a will can mean different things depending on where you live. 

Montana and Wills

If you die without a will in Montana, state law has a plan for the disposition of your property. But that’s just it – it’s the state’s plan. And while it might make sense to many people, it might not be exactly how you want your legacy to continue. 

Without a will, your property will be divided according to who is in your life. If you have a spouse and you do not have kids or grandkids or your only kids or grandkids are from that marriage, your spouse will receive everything, regardless. If you and your spouse do not have any children or grandchildren and your parents are still alive, your spouse may receive up to $300,000 plus three-quarters of the remaining balance, and your parents may receive the remaining quarter.

There are many different iterations of heirs, and each section has its caveats and exceptions. 

Where There’s a Will…

There’s a way to write a will without feeling overwhelmed by the prospect. Our experienced attorneys at Terrazas Henkel, P.C. can guide you through the process, helping you determine what’s most important to you and where you’d like your property to go. 

You can leave it up to the state, but a will is a way to go if you have specific preferences. It keeps your legacy where you want it and takes the burden off loved ones. It’s never too early to start! Call us today to make an appointment.