Expert Testimony in Personal Injury Cases

Expert Testimony

Personal injury cases can seem straightforward at first glance: Someone is injured because someone else was negligent in their actions or responsibilities, so the injured person should be compensated for their medical bills and/or expenses, right? Unfortunately, it’s not always that straightforward or simple. In practice, proving negligence has specific legal requirements and will likely include evidence such as videos, photos, and expert testimony may be necessary to confirm those requirements and details. 

Expert Testimony

Experts are helpful in personal injury cases because the details can be highly technical and highly important. An accident reconstructionist, for example, may be brought in to recreate a crash based on measurements and physics that illustrate how an event likely played out. This is a job that requires education, training, and experience, leading to specific expertise.

Other experts you commonly find in personal injury cases include:

  • Specialist physicians: Doctors who can speak specifically about relevant injuries, how they are treated, how they are sustained, and how long it may take for the injured person to recover
  • Vocational rehabilitation: If the injury prevents work, these experts discuss how this rehabilitation works, the length of the process, and the support needed
  • Economic: A professional who can estimate the financial impact an injury has or will have on the person’s future

Each case is unique, so you might encounter or require other types of expert testimony as well. Choosing these experts is just one of the ways our experienced attorneys will help navigate you through the personal injury process to ensure your case is represented well.  

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