Medical Malpractice

Your Rights in Medical Malpractice Cases

Medical malpractice typically happens when a medical professional does not follow the rules. This means a doctor, nurse, health care professional, or a hospital did not take necessary action or did something that should not have been done and caused a patient serious injury or death.

What Is The Standard of Care?

The standard of care is what a “reasonably prudent health care professionals under like or similar circumstances” would do.

  • When it is found that a provider or hospital did not follow the standard of care, that provider can be found to be negligent.
  • If that negligence caused injury to a patient, then a lawsuit may be filed.

Types Of Montana Medical Malpractice Cases
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Potential mistakes are numerous, but these are common instances of negligence:

  • Botched gallbladder surgery
  • Appendectomies with serious or fatal complications
  • Misdiagnosis (a doctor telling you have heartburn when you have pancreatic cancer)
  • Missed diagnosis (a dermatologist missing serious melanoma)
  • Premature discharge from the ER or hospital
  • Prescription errors
  • Birthing errors
  • Unnecessary or wrong-site surgery or amputation

What We Pursue In Medical Negligence Cases

In medical negligence cases, we need to prove that your injury would not have happened if the healthcare provider had not been negligent. We must also prove that you suffered significant damages, such as:

  • Disability
  • Severe or unusual pain or suffering
  • A serious loss of income
  • Past and future medical bills

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