You vs Insurance Companies

You vs Insurance

There’s a simple transaction that we expect to take place when we do business. We expect to pay a company for a product or service, and in return, receive that product or service. That is the expectation when you purchase insurance coverage, and you rarely envision an instance where it’s you vs insurance companies when you have a claim.

While that may sound overly simplified, it’s the cornerstone of our belief at Terrazas Henkel, P.C. when it comes to insurance disputes. Insurance companies invest a lot of resources to help them avoid having to do the one job you paid them to do: Payout a claim when an injury or accident occurs.

You may wonder, “Why do I have to sue my insurance company just to get the product I’ve been paying them for?” Often, that question is answered in technicalities and regulatory speak that can be difficult to understand for anyone not versed in insurance law.

That’s why it’s crucial to bring your own team into the game, and we at Terrazas Henkel, P.C., have the experience and know-how to be that support for you. Going up against an insurance company, even when you’ve got a rightful claim, can feel like David vs. Goliath when the insurance company should be working for you.

We can help.

Our team has a proven track record of holding insurance companies accountable and making them pay what they owe to injured Montanans. Our attorneys can help if you have been denied a claim or the insurance company is delaying payment in cases of workplace sexual assault, car crashes and other injuries, human rights violations, medical errors, and natural catastrophes.

Skilled legal help is available, and we take pride in taking your best interest to heart as we approach each case individually. For more information on how we can help you get the payment you deserve, call 406-541-2550. We offer a complimentary initial consultation to prospective clients on insurance matters. Give us a call to see how we can help keep insurance companies in line.