Disputed Insurance Claims: Is it Worth Hiring an Attorney?

When you find yourself in a situation that requires an insurance payout, it’s likely that the situation is stressful and already full of administrative logistics sitting between you and your money.

It’s natural, then, to adopt the mindset of taking the money and running once you’ve gotten the initial payout offer. Some law firms even advise this, but at Terrazas Henkel P.C., we believe in taking the time required to understand what your case is truly worth and what the next best steps for you, not the insurance company, would be.

Here in Big Sky Country, we’re lucky in that we have a bit of help from the law: Montana is the only state with the Ridley Law, which requires an insurance company to pay medical expenses in advance in cases where the liability is reasonably clear. If they don’t, it’s considered an act of bad faith, which can negatively impact an insurance company considerably.

In our eyes, it’s simple: You paid for a service, and insurance companies should provide it. And if they don’t, we’ll go after them. The insurance company will definitely have an attorney, if not a team of them, working to make sure they don’t have to pay the claim. You shouldn’t have to take them on alone.

With Terrazas Henkel, P.C. in your corner, you can rest assured that the insurance plan you paid for is doing what it was intended to do and that your needs are covered.