Starting your own business is often a pursuit of passion, the kind of work you love so much that you decided to go out on your own to do it your way. It’s the attitude that drives success, but the passion for your business can fall short when it comes to the more technical and legal aspects of running a business, and it’s likely that new hire contracts are at the top of the list of things you need to take care of. 

Beyond the legal requirements for setting up a small business in Montana, if you grow to the point of needing to hire people, you’ll hit another briar patch of laws on all levels. Local, state, and federal governments have rules about employment, and you need to follow them to operate soundly. 

New Hire Contracts

An employment attorney can help small business owners prepare their employment contracts to ensure they are legally fit and protect their client’s interests where necessary. A clear contract like this sets up the employer for a well-established working relationship with their new employee. 

State and federal laws also dictate how employers must treat their employees when it comes to discrimination, sexual harassment, wages, hours worked, and more. Employment attorneys know all of this and keep up to date with any changes, and help their clients navigate the legal landscape.

They also help when it comes to other aspects of ending an employment relationship. 

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