Owning a small business means having to wear many hats, from CEO or president to the janitor, all in one day. And while that may change as you grow and hire, some businesses never employ enough staff to need a full-time Human Resources officer. So what is the best way to handle human resources for small business?

There are many aspects of HR, but part of it is knowing employment laws, including employee-to-employer rights. Those rights extend to every element of their job, starting immediately with the hiring process and continuing through to the end of employment. 

It’s a lot for a small business owner to know and keep up with. 

Enter employment attorneys.

HR Assistance

An employment attorney can help small business owners with common HR needs, such as laying someone off. How, why, and when this happens, all have legal regulations, both at the state and federal levels. 

Not following the law opens up the small business owner to potential wrongful termination lawsuits from the employee, which can be costly and are avoidable. 

Contract negotiations are also important areas for detail, and an employment attorney can help a business owner understand how to prepare contracts to limit liabilities and more. 

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