Tennis player claims negligence in locker room accident

Determining damages in a slip-and-fall lawsuit can be difficult. When one is injured in such a case in Missoula, the impact that it can have may as small as having to miss a couple of days of work to as extensive as having the quality of his or her life affected. Then, of course, there is the emotional pain and suffering that must be considered. Deciding how much a plaintiff may be entitled to could potentially be more difficult then assigning negligence. 

A jury reportedly had little trouble doing that in a lawsuit that was recently heard against the United States Tennis Association. The organization is being used by a professional player who slipped and fell at in the locker room during the 2015 U.S Open following her doubles match. She apparently slipped on cleaning solution that had been left on the floor. Her attorney argued that the UTSA was negligent in not having its staff keep the floor clear of such risks; the UTSA countered by saying that the woman had entered the locker room after normal operating hours. 

Those hearing the case agreed with the former’s assertion, assigning 75 percent of the blame for the incident to the UTSA. The question now becomes how much is the woman entitled to in damages? Her attorney claims that the accident potentially deprived her of millions in missed earnings, while others say that her career was not necessarily on an upward trajectory. In cases such as this, one cannot be faulted for attempting to collect all he or she feels entitled to. Earning that may be much easier if he or she has experienced attorney to turn to for help. 

Source: Deadspin “Jury Finds UTSA Liable For Eugenie Bouchard’s Slip And Fall In U.S. Open Locker Room” Nathan, Giri, Feb. 22, 2018