After a Personal Injury, Who is on Your Side?

Attorneys at your side

Very little in this world is a guarantee, but when injuries that derail our lives occur, it’s almost guaranteed that the injured party will feel overwhelmed with everything they now must do because something happened to them.

If that injury happened because of the negligence of another person or a business, the attorneys at Terrazas Henkel P.C. are available to help navigate you through this territory. We understand how these situations can upend your life and we want to support you through it with our years of experience handling these cases.

Our first goal is to listen to you. While it seems simple, it’s the key to our personal approach. We want to know what happened, investigate the evidence, and identify the negligent parties so we can help you get the justice you deserve.

This can look like pursuing a civil complaint against a negligent employer or driver, or making sure insurance companies are coming through with their end of the bargain. In the most unfortunate circumstances, we pursue survivor’s damages as the result of wrongful death following a personal injury.

We know getting injured can stop your life in its tracks, and we know it can feel like an overwhelming task to face the insurance companies and other attorneys on your own. In cases like these, we can almost guarantee the alleged negligent party will be taking all the legal precautions they can to protect themselves. Let us be there to back you up and get you the compensation you need to continue life after your injury.

Our team wants to help you through the worst of it, so you can put the situation to rest and get on with your life. Call our team of professionals at 406-541-2550 to talk more about personal injury options at Terrazas Henkel, P.C.