Navigating Through Divorce

Divorce Montana

Divorce is considered one of the most stressful life events people may go through, right up there with death and moving. And there’s no one right way to go about dissolving a marriage, though it is up to the couple how far they want to go in the legal process.

When thinking of divorce, our minds often go directly to the battle between attorneys in the courtroom or a boardroom. However, there are many steps to take before needing to go to a courtroom, and sometimes a couple doesn’t even need separate attorneys for a successful dissolution proceeding. 

For example, a couple with a relatively non-complex divorce and who generally agree on how to split their financial lives could hire an attorney to mediate their divorce. This attorney would take care of all the legal proceedings that must happen to dissolve a marriage, while the parties can remain out of court and make decisions through mediation meetings. 

If both spouses decide to hire attorneys, their legal representation can help with negotiation, litigation, and mediation. This includes dividing property, financial spousal support, and even post-divorce modifications to the documents. 

It’s true that a divorce can include court hearings, depending on how much the spouses disagree, but there is no set roadmap for divorce. At Terrazas Henkel P.C., our experienced attorneys guide clients through this process and help get them the support they deserve. Having a knowledgeable lawyer in your corner during these proceedings can make all the difference – give us a call at 406-541-2550 for an appointment or to ask questions.